How to Enter

Gate Admission:

Friday - Free. 

Saturday - $7.00/person; (children under 12 are free
Fair Ground Parking - $3/vehicle

How to Enter

Chatsworth is a mainly rural area, but the Chatsworth Agricultural Society has many Members who live in nearby cities, towns and hamlets and some who live afar but have roots in this area. We welcome new Members and encourage participation in our friendly competitions.

Here’s how you can enter.

1.       Join the Chatsworth Agricultural Society (cost $7.00) by contacting the Secretary, or simply buy a membership when you arrive at the Arena on Thursday evening or Friday morning to place your exhibit.

2.       Note the unique number on your membership card.

3.       Obtain and fill out an Exhibitor’s Ticket for each Section of each Class you wish to enter, being sure to include your number.

4.       Some Classes have special prizes for new exhibitors, so be sure to note this on the ticket if appropriate.

5.       Ensure that your exhibits satisfy all General Rules and Class Rules.

6.       Place your exhibit(s) on Thursday evening or by noon on Friday (or the different time specified in the Class rules).

7.       Come to the Fair to bask in the glory of your winning exhibits, to be amazed at the ingenuity and skills demonstrated by others, and to see and learn about things ranging from Antiques to Zucchinis.

8.       Mail or deliver your Prize Money Claim Form (in the middle of this book) to the Treasurer by Sept 30 – and begin planning for next year.

General Rules and Regulations

1.       Insurance

        Exhibitors must provide proof of liability insurance as required by the Board. The insurance requirements are specified in the Class Rules for Horses (Class 3) and the Tractor Pull (Class 8). Persons without proof         of insurance will not be permitted to compete in these Classes. Insurance requirements for persons wishing to participate in any other activities sponsored by the Chatsworth Agricultural Society, such as but not         limited to the Santa Claus Parade, are the same as for exhibitors at the Fair.

2.       Responsibility

The Chatsworth Agricultural Society, either as a group, or its individual Members, will not assume any liability or responsibility resulting from any accident or injury, however caused, to any person or persons while they are on the Fair Grounds. Further, the Society and its individual Members will not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to any person, property or animal while on the Fair Grounds.

3.       Membership

The membership fee set by the Board of Directors will be clearly displayed on the first page of the annual Fall Fair booklet. This fee must be paid to the Secretary or Treasurer no later than the Saturday of the Annual Fall Fair. No family or child memberships are available.

4.       Entry Fees, Parking and Other Charges

The Board will establish fees for entry to the Fair Grounds and for parking, plus other fees as may be appropriate. The fees will be clearly displayed on the first page of the annual Fall Fair booklet except for special fees that may apply to individual Classes. Any such special Class fees will be explained in the Class Rules.

5.       Exhibitors

a.        All exhibitors must be Members in the current year except 4-H Club exhibitors in Class 4 (Sheep) and in Class 5 (Cattle) who are required to pay an entrance fee to exhibit on Saturday.

b.       Children under 18 years of age must have a full membership to exhibit in Adult Classes.

c.        Children under 18 years of age are not required to be Members to exhibit in Class 19 (HCC School), Class 20 (Junior Fair) and the Grey County Farm Safety Association Poster Contest.

d.       Ages specified for children are as of January 1 of the year of the Fair, unless otherwise noted.


6.       Articles, Animals and Produce (see also individual Classes for specific rules and regulations)

a.        Articles exhibited must be owned by the exhibitor, and produce exhibited must have been grown by the exhibitor in the year.

b.       Animals exhibited must be owned by the exhibitor except in the case of 4-H members (for whom 4-H rules apply) and for Showmanship competitions.

c.        Animals exhibited must be in their places on the Fair Grounds and properly secured or caged by the time specified in each Class.

d.       Any livestock that appears sick must be removed by the exhibitor at the request of the Committee.

e.       Articles entered for exhibition in the hall may be put in their assigned places between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Thursday evening or on Friday morning. All articles must be in their assigned places by 12:00 o'clock noon on Friday.

f.         The exhibitor's name should normally appear only on the hidden portion of the entry ticket, but the owner’s name can be on an article as long as it is not visible to a judge (for example: on the bottom of a pie plate in Class 11; on the bottom of a vase in Class 13; or on the back of a photograph in Class 17).

g.        Exhibitors or their representatives must place their own exhibits.

h.       No exhibitor may enter more than once in any Section of a Class.

i.         No exhibit shall be removed from the hall until 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoon.

j.         While Directors will take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of articles brought for exhibition, no payment will be made in the event that any article is damaged, lost or stolen.

7.       Judging

a.        Competent judges will be engaged for judging of the Fair exhibits, animals and contests.

b.       No person shall interfere with the judges in the discharge of their duties.

c.        Any exhibitor abusing the judges in any way will be asked to leave the Fair Grounds immediately and will be barred from exhibiting at the Fair for a period of time to be decided by the Board of Directors.

d.       Only the exhibitors, judges and officials of the Society will be allowed inside any show ring.

e.       Only judges and officials of the Society may be present at judging of exhibits in the hall.

f.         Judges may decide to not make any award if they deem an animal or article to be unworthy, or may decide that none of the animals or exhibits is worthy of first or any prize.

8.       Prizes

a.        Exhibitors in most Classes must list their winning entries on the Prize Money Claim Form provided (in the middle of this book) and return it to the Treasurer by September 30. If the form is not provided by that date, unpaid prize amounts will be considered to be a donation to the Society. Extra copies of the form are available on the day of the Fair.

b.       All winning prizes in merchandise or vouchers must be picked up from the Secretary or Treasurer on the Saturday of the Fair.

c.        The Treasurer is authorized to retain $7.00 from prize money as the membership fee for the following year for those Classes in which prize money is paid after the Fair.

d.       Any person donating a Special Prize for a specific Section in a Class is not allowed to compete for that prize in that Section.

e.       The Society will not be held responsible for any Special Prize in the event that the donor does not make the donation.

f.         Prizes won in Class 5 (Cattle) and in the Antique Tractor Group of Class 9 (Antique Tractor Pull and Show) are paid in cash on the day of the Fair.

g.        Should any fraud or deception be discovered on the part of an exhibitor or their representative, the Board of Directors may withhold any prize and may prohibit such exhibitor from exhibiting for such time as they determine, and may publish the name of such exhibitor should they deem it necessary to do so.

h.       The Treasurer will pay prizes awarded by the end of November of the current year.

i.         If the receipts of the Fair are not sufficient to pay prize money in full for those Classes that are paid after the Fair (see Rules 7b and 7c), the Treasurer is authorized to pay a percentage for prizes in all Classes except the Holland Chatsworth School Class (Class 20) so that the overall budget is not exceeded.

j.         Prize money not claimed, including prize cheques not cashed by December 31st of the current year, will be considered to be a donation to the Society.

9.       Protests

Any exhibitor may lodge a protest about the outcome of the judging. Protests must be in writing and delivered to the Secretary by 4:30 pm on the Friday immediately following the Fair. The letter of protest must state clearly the reasons for the protest and must be accompanied by a payment of $7.00.

The Board of Directors shall consider the protest and make a decision within three weeks. If the decision of the Board of Directors is to sustain the protest, the payment of $7.00 shall be refunded, along with whatever other monetary award may have been appropriate. If the Board of Directors does not sustain the protest, the payment of $7.00 shall be forfeited to the Society.

10.   Applicability

The preceding Rules and Regulations, and all Additional Specific Rules for each Class, will be strictly enforced.

Note: Should any discrepancies arise between this website and our printed fair book, the print version of our fair book will be considered the correct document.