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JANUARY 30, 2018

Members Point in New Direction

At its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday January 23, 2018, members of the Chatsworth Agricultural Society strongly supported the concept of focusing the Society’s efforts on aspects of the organization’s mandate other than the Chatsworth Fall Fair for the next year or two.

This means that there will be no Fall Fair in Chatsworth in 2018, and that a Fair in 2019 is unlikely.

“It is virtually impossible to plan a Fair in the face of uncertainties such as we have been confronted with over the last eight months,” said President Jenna McKay. “This direction by our members allows us to move forward with confidence, using our energies on other related community-related activities.”

The Chatsworth Agricultural Society Constitution says that the Society exists to encourage and increase awareness and appreciation of agriculture and a rural lifestyle, and to support and promote improvements in the quality of life of people living in the community. In the past, this has been done mainly through the Fall Fair.

Although the closing of the Chatsworth Community Centre (Arena) last May came as a real shock, McKay said that the Society’s Board and members are beginning to think of the present circumstances as an opportunity to promote other activities.

“We think there are new avenues that will prove to be as or more interesting, educational and beneficial for the community in the future as the Fall Fair was in the past,” said McKay. “We already have other ideas for events that will strengthen our community.” She said that in addition, “our members and volunteers will be reaching out to other agricultural societies in the region.”

McKay provided the example of ‘Christmas in the Village’ last month that was an incredible success. “Our members and volunteers have been literally blown away by the positive feedback from Chatsworth community members and participating businesses,” said McKay. She explained that, as a kind of ‘bonus,’ the various events and activities for ‘Christmas in the Village’ raised about $3,500 for the Chatsworth Community Outreach.

The first meeting of the 2018 Agricultural Society Board will be on February 20. “That will be the meeting at which the Board will be making specific plans for the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2018,” said McKay. “The plans are already in place for a St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Night on Saturday, March 17 at the Chatsworth Legion.”