Class 8. Invitational Antique Tractor Pull & Show

Take a seat in the grandstands, at the back of the fairgrounds property, for front row action to this exciting fair event.
As tires spin, and motors rumble, watch as each tractor takes a turn trying to pull the weighted sled down the track to victory!
Experience the event that keeps people coming back year after year!


                Contact: Henry Feenstra

Class Rules

1.       All participants in the Tractor Pull must provide a certificate of insurance confirming liability insurance of at least $1 million.

2.       All items to be shown must be on the Fair Grounds by 11:30 am on Saturday.

3.       Tractors must be 1963 or older by serial number.

4.       Judges may request proof of age of equipment.

5.       Judging of exhibited tractors and gas engines begins at 1:00 pm.

6.       All exhibitors must display their exhibitors’ number on the front of their tractors or gas engines


    • Section 1: $25.00 (no other prizes)
    • Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5: 1st - $20.00, 2nd - $10.00 (no 3rd prize)
    • Section 6: $20.00 (no other prizes)
    • Sections 7 and 8: 1st - $20.00, 2nd - $15.00, 3rd - $10.00


      Groups and Sections


      1.       Oldest Tractor

      2.       Best Restored Tractor, up to 1951

      3.       Best Restored Tractor, 1952-1963.

      4.       Best Original Tractor (not restored), up to 1963

      5.       Best Collection of 2 or more Antique Tractors

      Gas Engines

      6.       Oldest Gas Engine

      7.       Best Restored Gas Engine

      8.       Best Collection of 2 or more Antique Gas Engines

      We wish to thank the many donors who, over the years, have made our show so successful. 

      EC King Contracting - stone dust
      Robert S Dier - yard maintenance
      Robert King - track grading
      Precision Small Engines - trophy assistance
      Desboro Tire Sales - trophy assistance
      Andy Black - track maintenance
      Everett Hall - weigh scales
      Northridge Tractor - pull-back tractor
      Also, we wish to thank the many volunteers who assisted on fair day.


       Additional Rules

      1.       All drivers must wear a helmet during their pull.

      2.       Drivers must not enter the Fair Grounds without being in possession of proof of liability insurance of at least $1 million. For the Tractor Pull, proof of insurance must be provided at weigh in. Drivers without proof will not be permitted to participate.

      3.       There is a fee of $5.00 for the first pull by each tractor, and a fee of $10.00 for any pull by that same tractor in a different weight class.

      4.       Tractors must weigh in before 11:30 am. Weight includes driver who must be at least 16 years of age (proof of age required). After weighing, tractors must go directly back to tractor parking area.

      5.       All tractors must be original or stock. No loose weights.

      6.       Tractors must have no engine modifications, no turbo chargers unless manufacturer's option. Pumps must be original.

      7.       Officials may check fuel and model numbers which must be legible.

      8.       All tractors must be on rubber wheels.

      9.       Original drawbar must be attached to original rails, drawbar height may be raised to 18" using hammer strap. Minimum drawbar length is 18" from centre to rear axle to point of hook to ground. Drawbar must be stationary in all directions.

      10.   All tractors must have registration card displayed on the left side.

      11.   A tractor will be deemed modified if any of the following applies:

      a.       weights which are not factory issue

      b.      engine RPM more than 10% above factory rated RPM

      c.       PTO horsepower more than 15% above original rating (see 'Nebraska Tractor Tests' by CH Wendel)

      12.   Judge's decision re: Group and Section (eg. weight, modified) will be final.


      • A trophy will be awarded for every weight Section.
      •  A Powder Puff trophy will be awarded to the woman placing highest in the Antique and in the Antique Modified Section. Both placement in the class and the pull length will be considered.

      Pulling Groups and Sections

      Antique Tractors

      1.       Up to 3500 lb

      2.       3500 – 4500 lb

      3.       4500 – 5500 lb

      4.       5500 – 6500 lb

      5.       6500 – 7500 lb

      6.       7500 – 8500 lb

      7.       8500 – 9500 lb

      8.       9500 – 11500 lb

      9.       Over 11500 lb

      Antique Modified (up to 1963) Tractors

      10.   Up to 3500 lb

      11.   3500 – 4500 lb

      12.   4500 – 5500 lb

      13.   5500 – 6500 lb

      14.   6500 – 7500 lb

      15.   7500 – 8500 lb

      16.   8500 – 9500 lb

      17.   9500 – 11500 lb

      18.   Over 11500 lb


      Operation of Pulling Contest

      1.       All contestants pull at their own risk.

      2.       Tractors pull in order of draw.

      3.       If presiding official is notified of a tractor with a mechanical problem, the puller may drop three positions, or to end of class (puller's discretion). This may be done only once per Section.

      4.       All tractors will be weighed immediately before entering the track. Winning tractors may be re-weighed at officials' discretion.

      5.       Pullers must be in full position within three minutes of sled in readiness, any delay is cause for disqualification.

      6.       Tractors must be in neutral while being hooked and unhooked. Clevis supplied.

      7.       3500 may pull on 3-point hitch, if no drawbar.

      8.       All pulls must start with a tight hitch.

      9.       Number 1 puller will be test puller and may take pull if weight sled is okay, or he may pull again in 3rd position if sled needs adjustment.

      10.   First puller after each adjustment will be Number 1 puller.

      11.   Puller will be allowed 2 consecutive attempts and 50 feet to start the sled. Any disqualification on 1st attempt bars a 2nd attempt on repull.

      12.   All decisions on repulls must be made before unhooking from sled.

      13.   Drivers must be seated during the pull and in complete control of the tractor at all times.

      14.   Tractors operated in an unsafe manner will be disqualified at officials' discretion.

      15.   No shift on the go.

      16.   Pull is over when forward motion has ended, and all tractors must stop immediately upon signal from officials.

      17.   Pullers must obey officials whose discretion is final. Violation of rules or arguing with officials will be grounds for disqualification.

      18.   No helpers allowed on track or tractors during a pull.

      19.   Any tractor dropping parts on the track shall be disqualified.

      20.   Any tractor may compete in its weight Section and in any higher-weight Section.