"In our rapidly changing society, 4-H members and their families help preserve the values and sense of responsibility, which enrich the social fabric of our communities. 4-H provides enhanced opportunities for young citizens to reach their full potential. The 4-H program is unique, relevant, exciting and appealing to young people! It encourages and enables all participants, both members and leaders alike, to learn, grow, experience and travel.

    The Ontario 4-H Council is continually developing projects to meet the needs and interests of today's youth. Projects such as protecting our planet, wearable art, photography, scrapbooking, and woodworking are offered along side some of the more traditional projects like farm safety, bread making, working with wool, field crops, horticulture, and livestock.

Through 4-H, youth from 9-21 years of age, make friends as they work and learn together."

~ 4-H Ontario


I pledge

My Head to clearer thinking;

My Heart to greater loyalty;

My Hands to larger service;

and my Health to better living;

For my club, my community, and my country.

Join us on the Saturday of the Chatsworth Fall Fair as our local 4-H Clubs showcase their livestock showmanship skills.

Shows begin at 10:00am

Sheep Shows
Dairy & Beef Calf Shows
Grand Champion Showperson Competition

4-H is alive and well in Chatsworth Township!
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